Gaya Bali Visa

Bali Visa & Business Set Up Expert

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The client

Wisya, Zara and Wahyu the founder of Gaya Bali Visa where already experts in working for a visa agency in Bali. But they wanted something more! That’s why they created Gaya Bali Visa, to add their own style and point of view in how a Bali Visa agency should be.

The goal

The website developed at the same time as the business was starting. They wanted something fresh and vibrant, modern to scroll but also straight to the point, so the customer can directly buy the Visa they need or navigate deeper to get more information about the products.



When you have a lot of information and you try to write them down all in one place, is easy to confuse customer and website viewers. That’s why we decided to create separate pages for each of their Visa and services. We wanted instead the home page to be clean, that gives an overview of the company and easy to navigate and find the most appealing information/products. Customer can contact Gaya Bali Visa via chats on the website, social media and email that are always easy to find on every page of the website.
The website continues to grow, through software and content updates to keep the web fast and the customer well informed about news and suggestions regarding Visa in Bali topics.

Since the beginning Gaya Bali Visa received a lot of positive feedback for the website and many email of customers that wants to purchase their products, something that makes me really proud to work with them.

Easy to find Information

This is a page of a singular product, in this case is a Bali Business Visa. The information are a lot, so I separate them with question that customer might have about the product. The sidebar will follow while the user scroll down, making it easy for them to find the information they want
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Submit your request

Each product page has a unique contact form in which users can fill in to get more information or buy a specific product. All forms are connected to the email of Gaya Bali Visa. So far this is the preferred method of purchase/communication of Gaya Bali Visa’s customers.
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