About Me

My Digital Story

My first approach into Web Design and Web Development was at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 in Bali. The first website I made was for myself and after that I start to get some projects from friends and new clients

Passion For Websites

I realized in the recent period that no matter how good your idea or products but if it can’t reach out to people in the best way it will not sell. So what is the best way to reach more interests and potential customer? Through a website and a marketing strategy. I developed the interest to give businesses and ideas the most effective way on the web to reach out to their customer in the easiest and succesfull way as possible

Self-Taught WordPress

If you have time and passion you can realize everything. So I watched my first tutorial on how to make websites ( pretty basic stuff) but I developed fast the interest for delivering cool and trendy websites that generates income to their owners. I choose WordPress as a platform to built website as it is open source, it offers full customization of the website and you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of coding for the basic stuffs.

About Me

When I Don't Make Websites

Gab Goes Digitaal Diving Sidemount
Gab Goes Digital on a bycycle with a tent